Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last days of beaching it.

Life back on the Cape certainly is a slower pace than what I became accustomed to in San Fran and New York. It's relaxing, but I find myself getting more antsy than I did before I left.

Most things have closed up for the season around here, and although it's gotten pretty chilly - thanks a lot, Atlantic ocean! - it's been a beautiful week. Oh look, I'm writing about the weather. How interesting!

Monday I took Lulu to the dog park, which was completely deserted; that is, until a husky showed up and decided it wanted to play predator & prey...with Lulu playing the part of the prey. We didn't stick around for very long.

We went back again on Thursday, and this time there were 5 or 6 dogs there, all of whom were very well-behaved and played well together. There were 2 young French bulldog sisters that were absolutely hilarious rabble-rousers; they stuck mostly shoulder-to-shoulder and tore around the park, alternately chasing others and getting others to chase them. I was only able to snap a quick picture when one stopped to take a drink. Just look at that face!
Yesterday I went to the Edward Gorey House Museum. I was familiar with his work, but not overly knowledgable, and certainly had no idea how prolific he was! The museum was in the house he occupied for the last few decades of his life, until his death in the year 2000. The museum is set up on the entire first floor of the rather large, early 19th century house, with most of the interior still recognizable as a house but every wall and surface area is absolutely packed with Gorey's drawings, sketchbooks, puppets, sculptures, photos, etc etc etc. It was amazing. One of my favorite pieces was his sketchbook from the "Mystery!" opening sequence. His style is unique, and comes across so strongly even in these quick sketches.
The current main exhibition - set up in what was the living & dining rooms of the house - was Gorey's work in the performing arts. Serendipity! He did illustrations for the New York City ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, Harvard, and even made puppets and performed in local puppet shows!

Since we have just 4 days left here on the Cape before embarking on phase 3 (or is it 4?) of our adventure, we're trying to cram in all the things we meant to do while here, but just didn't. Today was another lovely day so we took Lulu for a quick walk on the beach. Although sunny, it was pretty darn cold, so it was a very quick walk. Oh look, I'm talking about the weather again! 

Happy trails to you.

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