Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stomping grounds, ahoy!

I took the ferry from P-Town, a big step for me since it would be a huge understatement to say that boats make me nervous. They actually terrify me. Well, not so much the boat itself, but being on one, and knowing it could sink or toss me overboard at any second. It not that I get seasick - I don't even give myself the chance to be seasick. It's more seanxiety. Despite a few fairly rocky spots, the ride was fine, and I was one of only about 10 passengers - on a boat meant for 150 or so, it felt pretty spacious.

I went back to my old neighborhood, for a quick 2-night visit. I had a few mundane appointments to take care of (good news: no cavities!), but otherwise got to see some friends and former coworkers, and just hang out. I thought it would be bittersweet, and maybe it is a little - oh Dave's Fresh Pasta, how I miss thee! - but less than I expected. It's like seeing a dear friend that you miss, but not necessarily pining to see them everyday. The prospect of ADVENTURE! is still too alluring for that just yet.

I'm actually typing this up right now from 35,998 feet above Chicago - I love the little in-flight map that shows you where you are. Pair that with onboard wifi and, well, a six hour flight ain't so bad. After two nights under two different roofs, I'm heading out to San Fran for a few days to celebrate Hannah's birthday! (And to drink coffee from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Constantly. Why - WHY don't they open some locations on the East coast?) I am crazy person when it comes to getting to the airport; like the movies, I feel compelled to arrive obscenely early. I left Charlestown this morning at 6am for an 8:40 flight. By 6:12 I was at the airport, checked in, and deciding whether to sit at Starbucks in the terminal, or go through security. After staring into space for Idontevenknowhowlong, I went through security. Where I was the only person. 15 seconds later I was through security and sitting at the gate. By myself. With just under two hours to waste before boarding. Such good planning! Though I would rather be 2 hours early than 5 minutes late, so there you have it. I guess some things I just can't change. I think it must partially comes from my excitement and anticipation of the trip. For all of the delays, lost luggage, and sharing 200 strangers' personal space for hours and hours, I still love flying.

I am SO excited to get to San Fran, but I slept wrong or something the other night, and now it hurts to look to the left. I'll be spending the next few days orbiting people like their own personal satellite, trying to keep them on my starboard side.

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