Monday, October 3, 2011

What I did on my autumn vacation.

I used to think of Sundays as my catch-up day, or my sit-around-and-do-nothing-and-semi-dread-going-to-work-the-next-day day. But since we've been on the Cape, Sunday doesn't "feel" any different than any other day. But today really felt like we were on vacation.

Granted, I've been on "vacation" (cough*unemployed*cough) since the end of August, but today really felt like it. My sister and I went on a run this morning around Wellfleet - I'm relatively new to running, and have a few discouraging experiences lately, so it was great to run with her and get over my mental block. It was chilly and rainy when we started, but by the time we were finished the sun was starting to peek through. My sister and parents left by around noon, and it had turned into a full-on sunny day! Forecast be damned!

After spending a few hours sitting in the sun in the front yard, my husband and I went mini-golfing, the quintessential Cape activity. I always manage to start strong in mini-golf, and then get progressively worse as I play. Today was no exception.

On the second hole, I got a hole in one!

But by the 12th hole, I was 2, 3 or (ugh) even 4 over par. I lost, but not by a huge margin. It was still super fun!

Then we went for a drive on some back roads in the next town over...which I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of, since I was driving. But we saw some incredibly gorgeous scenery - I can't believe it's practically in our backyard, and I had no idea! We also saw a flock of wild turkeys; 18 of them! I actually stopped the car in the middle of the road and reversed back down to take pictures from the car. I even made gobble noises out the window at them; a few sort of looked up when I did it, but then went right back to...scratching in the dirt, or whatever it was they were doing.

For dinner we went to a local restaurant that we had never tried before, The Wicked Oyster. It was AMAZING. Everything from the whole roasted garlic that were served with the bread, to the amazing entrees (I had panko-crusted sole. So delish.), to the creme brûlée, it was all fantastic. It was a total indulgence, and totally worth it. I can't believe it took us so long to try it!

What a great vacation day! 

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